About Us


Keep Buffalo Soulful

Founded in 1976, Jung Center Buffalo supports social and cultural renewal. Buffalo’s resurgence and renaissance is a perfect example of this. Jung Center Buffalo is also in a state of renewal and transformation. We are a viable and accessible resource for everyone in our community who has been searching for deeper meaning in their everyday lives. We are an educational resource, but not solely for Jung scholars. Anyone who is interested in self-exploration, growth and transformation are welcome, even those who are new to the works of Carl Jung. Our lectures engage diverse audiences with vigorous discussions, and topics addressing psychology, creativity, and spiritual nourishment. Our studies are focused on celebrating the freedom of self-discovery, the spirit, and the soul.


The Relevance of Jung’s Intention for Human Transformation

Jung’s psychology is really about self-discovery and finding our personal path, while discovering the link between our own existence to that of the human collective, the web of life, and the cosmos. The practical applications of Jung’s theories can lead us to global transformation. Every form of creativity is in alignment with Jung’s goal of self-discovery. Learning about ourselves and our place in the universe is not only what Carl Jung intended, but his insights are especially relevant today, considering the fractured state of our society. Jung Center Buffalo has the knowledge and tools for those who are ready to make this transformation. Personal growth in Jungian terms refers to individual and collective awakenings of the soul and consciousness.